torsdag 10. november 2011

SDS 9 - gjesteblogger

 I dag har jeg en fantastisk gjesteblogger - hun er fra Canada - Jen fra The Crafting Fiend - derfor blir det på engelsk i dag. Jeg fant henne gjennom et link up party - der hun viste dette prosjektet:
Hun lager så mye fint - og er vel verd et besøk!

Hello! My name is Jen and I blog at The Crafting Fiend. I just started sewing in December of 2010, because I wanted my daughter to have pretty things, and not just cheap stuff that anyone can buy, but, quality handcrafted toys and clothing. I also tend to over punctuate or completely forget about punctuation. I've been married for 5years this November to an amazing Englishman who is quite charming (of course the accent helps with that I think) and our little girl is 15months old and a very active little climber. 

Today I want to show you how to make an easy cookie cutter ornament (literally). I love attaching ornaments to Christmas prezzies as gift tags or next to them to dress up the wrapping since I usually just wrap with parcel paper. I love the old school look to parcel paper at Christmas time.

To do this project pic a good sized simple shaped ornament. I used a star.

Trace around your ornament giving yourself a pit of extra space for seam allowance.

Pin the cut out paper shape onto your fabric and cut around your fabric (right sides together). Do not cut closely or around the ornament.

Keep the paper pinned on and stitch around it. (left the extra fabric and did it this way for stability with sewing small shapes)

Leave an opening (see the circle)

Turn it out and stuff, slip stitch the opening shut, and sew a button in the center. then sew a loop to hang your ornament up. 

That is how simple it is to make a cookie cutter ornament!
Enjoy and I hope to see you over at The Crafting Fiend sometime soon !
ps. I know you may feel this is a bit early for Christmas stuff - but I'm Canadian and our Thanksgiving was the 1st week of October 

Jen - thank you so very much - I love this tutorial!
Velkommen tilbake i morgen - til enda ett prosjekt

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