lørdag 6. mars 2010

Some thoughts one early Saturday morning

(I have two of these chairs in my house)

I'm sitting here, wondering were I want to go with my blog. Reading other blogs, I find myself looking more and more at the foreign blogs featuring craft, diy, creativity and those sorts of features. So, where do I want to go from here?

I have all these questions, should I only make my text English or should I continue writing in both languages?

I also have some favorite blogs, a lot actually, but one of these is So you think you're crafty
It would be a lot of fun doing this in Norway as well, but I don't think I know about 10 crafter's blogs here, or maybe I do.

On the other hand, I am sewing a lot of dresses these days, I cut out fabric for 12 dresses yesterday, and finished one of them, should I just post pictures of those and try to get them sold here? Hopefully I'll find out what I want with my blog one of these days.
Have a beautiful weekend.

Pictures from Elle Interior Norway

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Anette Willemine sa...

Heisan! Her skinner solen i dag! Deilig at vi går mot vår. :))

Når det gjelder blogg i norsk eller engelsk så synes jeg personlig du burde fortsette å skrive på norsk. For dine bloggevenner fra andre land kan jo bare bruke Googles oversetter på siden din! Jeg kan ikke se at du har lagt inn en slik på bloggen din.
Men, det er bare min mening da!
Ønsker deg en deilig lørdag!

Klem fra
Anette Willemine