søndag 4. mars 2012

Brook-Lynn klær

 Og fordi jeg ikke gidder å oversette dette i kveld, blir den på engelsk...
So where should I start? By telling you about the clothes I made or about the lousy weather that totally destroyed my photo shoot? Let me complain about the weather first... we've had sunshine all week, nice warm weather and spring, and then today... this! Way too cold for the girls to be outside in tank tops.
 Now the clothes. My girls are twins, their father is from Brooklyn so we named the girls Brook and Lynn (Lyn means lightening in Norwegian, hence the double L) for their middle names. I took a picture of the Brooklyn bridge, cut it in half, wrote Brook on one side and Lynn on the other. This was my starting point for the outfits. Brook wanted a tank top and skirt instead of a dress. Both the dress and the top and skirts are reversible - reversible is my favorite thing.
 I made them headbands and jackets. The black jacket is a peasant pattern, cut open in the front and held together with a ribbon.
 Nice tongue?
 The reversed sides of the outfits - and the lopsided heart, intentionally - seriously!
 The purple jacket - the below picture was my inspiration, but then I discovered that Schwin and Schwin had almost the exact pattern, so I had to change it up a little - the girls really love ruffles so I added a ruffle at the bottom. Brook will get one in the same green color, it's cut and everything, just not sewn together - I broke three needles sewing the purple one...

 Loving the headbands...
 Brook tank
 Lynn dress, can you see the bridge?


 I just love the hems of this side of the skirt and dress - they look so cute on the girls.

This will be my audition outfits for Project Run and Play - now all I can do is cross my fingers I will make it to one of the two open slots.

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